Impact of GST on Pharma industry

Impact of GST on Pharma industry

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has already faced so many setbacks in the previous years. So mainly people know about Impact of GST on Pharma industry. It bounced really well to a nearly double-digit year growth in 2018 i.e. recorded 9.4%. In this size of this pharma industry was recorded Rupees 1.29 trillion last year.

India continued to be the major exporter of generic drugs all over the globe. It is pushing its production in countries like Russia, the US as well as the UK. Accelerating its exposure to Japan, China, Canada, Brazil as well as Germany. India considered as the largest purveyors of cost-effective generic medicines around the globe. which helps in distributing a good range of drugs.

The during 2017: Growth of the industry was obstructed initially by the Impact of GST on Pharma industry. The captured date was 1st of July of the same year. This is the inclusion of more products under the price caps. If we analyze the Impact of GST on Pharma industry has recorded 9.4% growth in 2018 on a GST-impacted low base. Even the insiders of the company have revealed that the things that have been improved. The rate of product approvals.

The Impact of GST on Pharma industry of the ban on 328 FDC drugs was limited to about Rs. 1040 crore. According to the AIOCD-AWACS, the Pharma industry has manifested a year wise growth of 9.8% only in December. The segment of dermatology is also growing fastest among the therapy areas at 10.5%.

The therapies with the highest growth in 2018 are 15.1% urology, 15.1% stomatology as well as 14.2% hormones. For the whole year, the market grew at 9.4% to touch Rs. 1.29 trillion. Recorded by AIOCD-AWACS the double-digit growth. This recorded for anti-diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory as well as dermatology categories. So, the overall growth stood at 4.8 % along with the other introductions accounted for 2.4% growth.

Better performance recorded By Pharma Industry in 2018 on a GST:

Impact of GST on Pharma industry: If we observe for 2018, the growth rate has been recorded above 9 percent in the four quarters. AIOCD-AWACS has also noted that the top companies such as Lupin, Abbott, Intas as well as Torrent. They are growing at the double-digit growth. In fact, the analyst of HDFC securities has conveyed that the domestic market would be continued with the clock double-digit growth in 2019.

Sujesh Vasudevan, president of India formulations, Middle East and Africa, Glenmark pharmaceuticals has also said: we all are expecting the domestic pharmaceutical market to experience a good recovery in same year. The domestic pharmaceutical market will also observe new product introductions in a very consistent manner. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has also focused on the core therapy areas of dermatology, respiratory, cardio-diabetes as well as oncology. They are expecting to have some interesting product launch during this year.

If we talk in terms of market share, it is way better than its previous years’ growth. In 2017, it had clocked 5.9% growth rate but in 2018, 10% growth has been recorded by the DPM. (domestic pharmaceutical market)

Vaidneesh, the president of the Organization of Pharmaceutical producers of India has said: The patient demand will remain the same. The chronic therapies will continue to be as the growth drivers of the Pharmaceutical industry. The industry has actually posted a decent growth despite the suppressed prices as well as some product launches.

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