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August 4, 2022

Biocorp Life Sciences and Zeon Life Sciences are Now One Group

Post Views: 547 Biocorp Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd merges with Zeon Lifesciences Ltd. to improve access to medicines. We are the two most well-known mergers in Indian medical history. This journey will begin with the fiscal year 2022-2023, enabling both parties to broaden their business horizons, including the present and upcoming product line by Biotic group and its divisions. Zeon is a renowned name in the world of nutraceuticals, holding extensive experience, numerous accreditations, devoted employees, and most importantly, a presence in various global markets. It is a US-FDA, WHO-GMP manufacturing company that does manufacture international and national brands, such […]
November 29, 2021

Best Pharma Franchise Company in Kerala

Post Views: 990 Why choose Biocorp Life Sciences Biocorp Life Sciences is a well known Best Pharma Franchise Company in Kerala as well as other parts of PAN India. However, We provide franchise to business investors. Certainly, we are an ISO certified company, We deal in High Quality Products. Moreover, We provide work to both Retailers as well as Wholesalers from different parts of India. In addition, Biocorp Life Sciences are specialized in Good quality products as well as stock iron in the fire. After that, A good support of business can be found through Best Pharma Franchise Company in […]
July 25, 2019

5 Tips to Keep Diseases at Bay This Monsoon

Post Views: 581 Monsoon is a heat breaker and brings rain, cool weather. Monsoon comes with joy and escapes from the humidity. Everyone enjoys rainy weather. Animals, humans, plants everyone get energetic. Especially you can see an innocent smile on children faces. They play in the rain and enjoy the rainy weathers. People visit nearby areas and enjoy street food, but don’t you think it is harmful to your health. Well, it is not good for health. Because monsoon is the perfect time for virus and bacteria and they easily attack on open foods and on health. Read on as […]
January 21, 2019

Be Pharma Franchise Distributor in India and Learn How?

Post Views: 1,271 As we all know, the Pharma industry is growing at a rapid rate with very wide importance across the world. The pharma franchise distributor model is also spreading like a fire with the huge wholesaler links as well as networks. So, this entire distribution deals with the process of purchasing medicines from the major suppliers or the direct manufacturers. Stores in the warehouse so can distribute to the different pharmacies as per their needs. In general, Pharma industry ranks 4th in volume as well as 13th in value in the pharmaceutical market globally with $ 2.6 billion […]
January 14, 2019

Impact of GST on Pharma industry

Post Views: 1,103 The Indian pharmaceutical industry has already faced so many setbacks in the previous years. So mainly people know about Impact of GST on Pharma industry. It bounced really well to a nearly double-digit year growth in 2018 i.e. recorded 9.4%. In this size of this pharma industry was recorded Rupees 1.29 trillion last year. India continued to be the major exporter of generic drugs all over the globe. It is pushing its production in countries like Russia, the US as well as the UK. Accelerating its exposure to Japan, China, Canada, Brazil as well as Germany. India […]
January 4, 2019

What is Monopoly?

Post Views: 935 A perfect example to understand: I We will not get into much of its detail. Always dominated by research the pharma industry and that too by an invention of new drugs and combinations to fight diseases. What is Pharma / PCD Franchise Monopoly? Many companies create their own brands to market through a franchise distribution model. As if, a lack of commitment and business integrity, that the many times they fail to provide control ascendance. Ensure monopoly rights the companies should issue legitimate documents to ensure monopoly to their distributors. They can get advance erlier getting into the business. PCD Pharma […]
December 27, 2018

7 Tips for Selecting PCD Pharma Companies

Post Views: 744 This is very important task before investing your hardened earned money. A distributor or a pharma businessperson must judge the PCD pharma company on below parameters: Company History: There are thousands of PCD pharma companies prevailing in market or on digital platforms. Before picking a PCD company a distributor needs to check whether the company. Its management has industry experience of pharmaceuticals or not because in order to establish a new PCD company in your market. You need day-to-day guidance to develop your business. An out of domain company staff or management do not have the expertise […]
May 8, 2014

Medicines are unlikely to get impacted by the GST

Finally, the most anticipated Goods and Services Tax bill has been cleared the obstacles of both the parliamentary houses. Yes, it is absolutely a defining moment for the nation.
May 7, 2014

PCD Pharma Franchise in North Eastern States

biocorp life is one of the leading PCD pharmaceutical company that deals with a qualitative and diverse range of Pharma products such as Capsule, Injectable, β-lactams, Antibiotics, Soft Gelatin,...
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