5 Tips to Keep Diseases at Bay This Monsoon

Monsoon is a heat breaker and brings rain, cool weather. Monsoon comes with joy and escapes from the humidity. Everyone enjoys rainy weather. Animals, humans, plants everyone get energetic. Especially you can see an innocent smile on children faces. They play in the rain and enjoy the rainy weathers. People visit nearby areas and enjoy street food, but don’t you think it is harmful to your health. Well, it is not good for health. Because monsoon is the perfect time for virus and bacteria and they easily attack on open foods and on health. Read on as we discuss effective 5 tips to keep diseases at bay this Monsoon that can help keep viral infections.

5 Tips to Keep Diseases at Bay This Monsoon

To keep yourself it’s better to take precautions and avoid such things. We have prepared some healthy tips to protect from the monsoon.

Tips to Keep Diseases at Bay This Monsoon

Here are the top 5 tips to protect your health in the monsoon season. All the following tips will definitely help you. Have a look at it:-

Avoid Junk and Street food:- This is the most important solution for your health. Avoid street food like chaat, burgers, freshly cut fruits, etc. Because streets are open area and roads are usually filled with potholes with dirty water and mud. These are the perfect place for the birth of microorganism and bacteria. As the food items stay open for a long time, the bacteria easily intact with them and this is the main cause of diseases.

Increase consumption of that fruits and food which contain Vitamin C:- To remain healthy in monsoon weather, you need to increase your immunity. Eat vitamin C loaded fruits and food it will increase your metabolism and make strong immunity. Eat sprouts, fresh green vegetables, oranges. Very important, before eating wash it properly and then eat.

Do Not Store Stagnant Water:- Monsoons is the birth season of mosquitos and flies. These little dangerous insects have the capability to make health miserable. So ensure that there is no open storage of water in your home. Check and ensure that all water pots and drums are always covered.  Mosquitos and flies are born in stagnant water, so removing sources of stagnant water will help you.

Drink boiled water and add a Disinfectant to the Bath Water:- We feel less thirsty in monsoon season, but your body needs water. Drinks lots of water and make sure that you are drinking boiled or purified water. This will lower the risk of waterborne diseases like stomach infection and diarrhea.

Most people love taking a bath in the rain. But remember after reaching home bathe with disinfected like dettol, savlon every time you get wet. It will save you from the billions of microorganisms you carried home and help you stay healthy.

Get Your Clothes Ironed:- It might seem like a strange tip, but the monsoon is perfect for molds. wardrobes and almirahs are generally used to store clothing, bedsheets, and linen. These places stay cool and start to get damp as the rains progress. With wet moisture come molds. Since, there’s hardly any sunlight to warm your clothes, getting them ironed to kill bacteria.

Yes, monsoons do bring health problems but don’t let the issues overshadow the joys of the season. Take precautions and enjoy the weather as much as you can.

Symptoms to Watch Out in Monsoon

The following symptoms of you feel then visit the doctor and take proper medication. Here are the problems:-

  • Infection due to water: High fever, abdominal cramps, fatigue, etc.
  • Diseases due to mosquitos: High fever, skin rashes, Joint Pain, Sensation of vomiting, Severe Headache, migraines or Eye Pain.

Tips for Protection & Prevention of Diseases in Rainy Season

The following are some useful tips which help you in rainy season:-

  • Stay away from people who are infected by the virus.
  • Wash your hands periodically.
  • Always cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing.
  • Be sure about the water and food you are consuming.
  • Make use of mosquito coils & repellents at home.
  • Don’t allow water to stagnate.
  • Wear clothes that cover your entire body while going outside.
  • Avoid Street Food


To sum up. we can say Better to take precautions on time and take proper medication in case you see symptoms of health problems. Stay healthy and fit. Don’t let the diseases ruin your loveable weather.

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