Hand Sanitizer Franchise in Assam – Assam is taking all the important prevention to shield its people from Corona virus outbreak. The state has launched door to door testing for the convenience of the people. It is very crucial tie as there is no vaccine has been found till now. It is our duty to guard ourselves with all the hygiene and safety prevention. Biocorp Lifesciences is manufacturing quality oriented hand sanitizers and offering Hand Sanitizer Franchise in Assam to meet the requirements of the people of the state.

Biocorp Lifesciences is an ISO certified pharmaceutical company who is specifically involved in producing effective and quality Hand Sanitizers. Hand Sanitizer Franchise in Assam is our contribution to provide hand sanitizers availability across the nation to stay fit and healthy. Similarly, With this ambition, we are inviting all the pharma specialists, retailers, suppliers, distributors, etc. It is cordially invited to all the people there who want to join the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, Join the team and own an indpendent business venture.

Hand Sanitizer Franchise in Assam

As a result, we bring the opportunity of Hand Sanitizer Franchise in Assam. So to know more about the franchise opportunities you can contact us at +91 8727990700. or you can write us at sales.biocorp@gmail.com

Own Hand Sanitizer Franchise in Assam

Hand Sanitizers have become the basic necessity of every human life after the massive outbreak of Coronavirus across the globe. Assam is the northeastern state of India. In addition, The state is taking complete precautions to fight against this pandemic. The market demand for hand sanitizers is very high. If you have the potential and leadership qualities then connect with us for this fruitful business venture opportunity.

Benefits of Using Biocorp Lifesciences  Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers is used to remove dirt, microorganism, bacteria, and fungus from the hands. It helps in making the hands safe and healthy.  The hand sanitizer killed All the harmful in the hands with rubbing it on the palm of the hands. Here are some of the main benefits of using hand sanitizer –

Iso Propyl alcohol, DM Water, Aloe vera, Glycerine, Neem EXtract, and many other healthy ingredients used in the manufacturing of our hand sanitizers.

  • It kills 99.9% of the microorganisms.
  • Guards your body from harmful bacteria.
  • Clean your hands and reduce the infection rate.
  • It is more portable as a comparison of water and soap.

Features of Biocorp Lifesciences Hand Sanitizers

The Biocorp Lifesciences manufactured Hand sanitizers, which available in different forms such as liquid, foam, and gel. We manufacture two different categories of Hand sanitizers i.e Alcoholic and Non- Alcoholic Hand Sanitizers. Both the categories are available in different ml bottles for house and office use. Here are the main features of Biocorp Lifesciences manufactured Hand Sanitizers –

  • The alcoholic range of hand sanitizers contains an appropriate ratio of alcohol in it.
  • Different packaging of the bottles available – flip-flopped and pump comprised hand sanitizer bottles.
  • The hand sanitizers comprise moisturizing ingredients in it such as Aloe vera, Vitamin C.
  • Our hand sanitizers are reliable and completely safe to use as it contains 0% of chemical in it.

Marketing Backup Provided By the Franchise Company

Due to an increase in the demand for hand sanitizer in the market, the hand sanitizer market has become highly competitive. The high demand in the market has provided an opportunity for the local distributors too to grow in the market. To face the growing competition in the market, we are providing free of cost promotional backup to our associates. Our franchise associates will get a complete kit of promotional tools such as Visual Aids, Visiting Cards, Brochures, Free Sample Kit, Calendars, Bottles, Diaries, Pens, MR bags, Holdings and many other things too.

What are the Privileges of Joining Hands with Biocorp Lifesciences?

At Biocorp Lifesciences, we are giving our customers additional privileges to extend your Franchise business in the market place. All the customers and clients are valuable for us who are connected with us for business expansion. The company believes in mutual growth and boost its franchise associate to accomplish new altitudes of success. Here are some of the highlighted privileges that our company offered-

  • All the stock will deliver within 24 hours of placing the order. We have the availability of products in a large ratio.
  • The best team of logistics helps us in providing satisfaction to our customers on time, quick and safe delivery.
  • On meeting the monthly targets, we provide gift vouchers and good incentives to our franchise associates for boosting them for more improvement.
  • Being a newcomer, it is a little difficult to Cope up with the situations. Our company provides complete guidance to our associates for helping them in every sector.
  • In the case of product delivery, one can easily track its order through our tracking service.


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