Domestic Pharma Industry to Grow at 4% to 6% in FY2021

Domestic Pharma Industry to Grow at 4% to 6% in FY2021- In this blog of Biocorp Lifesciences, we will discuss that how the Domestic pharma industry to grow at 4% to 6% in Financial Year 2021. As we all know that the pharma industry is flourishing and booming in India. This business segment is spreading its roots across the country. Moreover, this business is provided numerous business opportunities and perks to people working it.  Now due to such a good scope, several people have established their business in this industry. As a result, there are numerous pharma companies operating in the Indian market. Biocorp Lifesciences has done its research. In this blog, we will discuss how the Domestic pharma industry will grow from 4% to 6% in the financial year 2021.

Domestic Pharma Industry to Grow at 4% to 6% in FY2021

The pharma industry was growing but the biggest boost that led to such unbeatable growth is the establishment of several pharma companies in the domestic market. Very rapidly, India has become the biggest pharma hub and the domestic market in India. It is started to consider as a suitable and rewarding place to have a pharma business. Moreover, it is expected that the domestic pharma industry will grow even more due to the ever-rising and healthy demand for pharma products in the domestic market and continuous innovation & inventions done by pharma companies working in the domestic market.

What 2021 holds for Pharma Industry?

According to various researchers, despite all the issues and challenges, the growth of the pharma industry is likely to increase from 4% to 6% in the financial year 2021. Now there are various key variables that trigger such a high growth like the continuous and rising demand from the Indian domestic pharma market,. It also rising spending on quality medical & healthcare facilities, and improving infrastructure. Apart from this, the pricing pressure from the US market, new innovations, and market share of gains for prevailing pharma products, and much more will drive this growth in 2021 as well.

Despite several worldwide issues and concerns, the pharma industry still grew at a high pace in India. During the financial year 2020, especially the country India witnessed the spread of many diseases across the country. This outbreak of diseases and less domestic competition.  The quality of manufacturing led to the growth of the anti-infective medicines segment. Although the profit margins bit healthy still the domestic market grew at a high pace. The key variables of growth and profitability of the Indian domestic pharma market will be legal interventions. Like price control over prices or genericization compulsion of the domestic pharma market.

New Scope for Pharma Industry in Coming Times

Now unlike the old times, where pharma firms in India give little focus on research & development. They focus more on drugs, molecules, or complex therapies but the situation reverse this time around.  Now the Indian pharma companies are focusing more on optimizing their research & development and product quality. These changes ultimately led to the growth of pharma companies in the domestic market as they are now offering new, unique, and quality products.

According to Gaurav Jain (Vice President & co-head, ICRA), it is expected that the scenario of global demand will remain stable for the Indian pharma industry due to the inelastic nature of prescriptions drugs. But we will witness some small impact of the volume growth due to lockdown and lesser economic growth. Lower demand for products will only be witnessed more in underdeveloped or less developed countries.

According to ICRA, due to the healthy demand from the domestic market, increasing spending on quality medical & healthcare.  The domestic pharmaceutical industry will grow from 4% to 6% in the financial year 2021. CAGR is to be 8-11%. Moreover, In the future the credit matrices, capital structure, and coverage of all the top pharma firms will remain stable. But the key variables will still remain the same as research & development, innovation, and much more.


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