What is Medical Representative – Role and Responsibilities

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest and largest emerging business industries in the world. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is also rising with a splendid growth rate and is assumed to reach $100 billion by the year 2025. In terms of size, the Indian Pharmaceutical industry is counted among the sixth-largest pharmaceutical market across the globe. The increasing demand for medications and better healthcare amenities has boosted the growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry. The pharma sector is not only developing with a commendable growth but also creating many business opportunities to settle down in the pharma market.

It is true that the pharma industry has now become the hub of profitable business ventures and a good career option. There are many aspirants who are having pharmaceutical background but they are confused among so many career options. Well, being a part of the pharmaceutical industry, we can suggest that a medical representative is also a suitable and good earning job for you. If you have knowledge about the pharma market then you can also become a medical representative. In this blog, we will elaborate you the role and responsibilities of the Medical Representative.

What is Medical Representative – Role and Responsibilities

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Who is a Medical Representative?

A Medical Representative is a representative of the Pharma Franchise Company or a PCD Pharma Franchise Company who promotes and sell the pharma products( can be pharmaceutical drugs or medical equipment) in the market on account of the Franchise Companies. They work as a dominant link between the medical, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare professionals. The main agenda of a medical representative is to increase awareness regarding the products and intensify the marketing of the Company. They introduce, favor, answer queries and sell the products by using their sales skills.

Skills Required By A Medical Representative –

There are certain skills which are required by a Medical Representative to perform well in its respective job.

  1. One should have strong communication skills to communicate with the other party.
  2. Good interpersonal skills.
  3. He should be result driven and must have good planning and execution skills.
  4. In-depth knowledge regarding the product and market scenario.
  5. Must have strong verbal skills to persuade the other party.
  6. Punctual and time management skills.
  7. Bartering skills.
  8. Sales and Customer Relationship skills.
  9. Determination and tenacity.
  10. Must possess a positive attitude all the time.
  11. An estimable team player who is ready to learn and accept all the changes.

Eligibility Criteria For a Medical Representative 

 If you are deeming to become a medical representative then you need to have a minimum graduation degree. But in some categories, there are certain requirements which are given below-

  1. A bachelor’s degree of four years in a related arena
  2. Specialization in Pharmacy, Marketing or Healthcare background
  3. Training or course in the related field like health disorders and their remedies
  4. Candidate with sales experience
  5. Qualification in Business or Biosciences

Roles and Responsibilities of a Medical Representatives

Here are the main role and responsibilities of a Medical Representative in a Pharma Franchise Company-

  • He is the chief member in distinguishing and building a new business by Sales Achievement.
  • He illustrates and impersonates the pharma products to healthcare staff including all the doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to spread awareness of the product.
  • He launches the new pharma products in the market.
  • He does all the promotion and takes feedback from the market about the product.
  • In a nutshell, the whole reputation of the company is managed and handled by the Medical Representative.
  • He builds and maintains positive working partnerships with medical staff and supports administrative staff.
  • Manage all the budgets for catering, outside speakers, conferences, and hospitality of the company.
  • Customer service and support.
  • To make sure that the customers are happy with the products.
  • Achieving the monthly set sales target and maintaining the records.
  • The medical representative lays down the foundation of the company which leads to its growth.

Join the pharmaceutical industry, it offers multiple career options. Be a part of this lucrative business sector and earn gainful profits.

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