What are the Different Types of Pharma Business?

What are the Different Types of Pharma Business? – Do you want information regarding the different types of pharma business? If yes the blog is the right place for you. In this blog by Biocorp Lifesciences, we will inform you regarding the Different Types of Pharma Business. Similarly, the Pharma industry involves business-related to medicines, surgical goods, drugs, and much more. Similarly, some other businesses related to this are Ayurvedic medicines business, cosmetics, Neuro, and food supplements. The Pharma business involves formulating, manufacturing, distributing, retailing, and so on.

Whenever any person starts a business in the pharma industry, it is crucial to have information regarding several sub-categories of the pharmaceutical business. In this blog by Biocorp Lifesciences, we will explain to you the Different Types of Pharma Business in detail.

Pharma Manufacturing

The Pharma manufacturing business includes activities related to the production of medicines or drugs. Apart from this, a manufacturing facility has to undertake the altering, finishing, and marketing of products. This business also involves packaging and labeling of medicines. The manufacturing units need to be certified by GMP and WHO. This adds more value to the company.

Pharma Marketing

Under the Pharma marketing business, you can commence your business in two ways. The first is by launching a marketing firm. Secondly, one is to establish a pharma franchise distribution company. Both these business fields are highly rewarding, profitable, and appealing. Based on your interests, you can start your business.

Pharma Distribution

This business stream had several sub-categories. These sub-categories are:

  • Wholesaler
  • Stockiest
  • Sub-stockiest
  • C&F
  • Distributor

In addition, it is that stream in which one can act as a single link between the pharma firm and the store. The Pharma distribution business is beneficial because it is suitable for both new startup firms and already established pharma firms.

Pharma Retail

This stream of the pharma business involves establishing an outlet. Like a chemist shop, pharmacy shop, medical store, and so on. This business stream is also very important and rewarding in nature. Currently, E-pharmacy stores are also getting popular.

Medical Devices

Probable this pharma business stream is rewarding one as with the rising demand for better medical facilities; the demand for quality medical devices is also rising. Medical devices include a different variety of items like Cardiac stents, drug-eluting stents, intraocular stents, catheters, heart valves, and much more.

Surgical Support

The people involved in this business stream is earning well as this business stream involves dealing with items or instruments used in surgeries. To manufacture the surgical products, one needs a manufacturing license from the drug department and for the distribution activities. Therefore, you need to acquire a wholesale drug license number.

Cosmetic Products

Nowadays, people around the world are becoming very cautious about how they look and they don’t hesitate to spend on cosmetic products. It will be a profitable business stream but there are some norms regarding manufacturing cosmetic products.

Food Supplement

As a result, The trending business these days is food supplements. Many people are heavily investing in this stream of the pharma business. These products are not medicines but they help in maintaining good health. Products like whey proteins, BCAA, EAA, pre-workouts, and much more. There is a huge demand for food supplements today.


I hope through this blog by Biocorp Lifesciences, you must have got the idea about the Different Types of Pharma Business. Biocorp Lifesciences is the best and leading PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India that manufactures quality pharma products and provides excellent franchise business opportunities with monopoly rights along with marketing & promotional support. So ping us on the below provide number and join us now.

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