Top Pharma PCD Companies in Surat  – Are you on the verge of starting your own pharma franchise business in Surat? Do you want to work with a pharmaceutical firm that you can trust and rely on? If yes, then this write-up is at your rescue. There are more than 560 pharmaceutical companies in Surat that are known to deliver healthcare medicines and products. In such a galore, finding a reliable one might become hard to endure. To assist you in linking with the most illustrious pharmaceutical company, we have united the Top 7 Best Pharma PCD Companies in Surat.

Top Pharma PCD Companies in Surat

Surat is among the largest cities in the west Indian state of Gujarat comprising a population of more than 77 lakh citizens. The demand for pharma medicines has seized a steep incline in the city which resultantly has increased the business growth aspects in the healthcare sector. Appropriate investment done with the right pharma firm in Surat is expected to provide the investor with guaranteed benefits and massive business success. So, if you are planning to start your own business and want to tie up with the finest, here is a list of the Top Pharma PCD Companies in Surat.

Biocorp Life SciencesBiocorp Life Sciences

Introducing our list of Top Pharma PCD Companies in Surat with the most renowned healthcare brand, Biocorp Life Sciences. Accredited with ISO, WHO & GMP certifications, Biocorp Life Sciences strives to offer world-class formulations with the highest degree of quality and safety standards. The company is backed by an executive team that comes from some of the world’s most prestigious multinational corporations, with a combined experience of more than 25 years. Moreover, the company has formed an excellent business path for all those business aspirants who aim to build their business in the pharmaceutical sector.

A glimpse of Biocorp Life Sciences:

  1. Excellent and hygienic packaging material for the safest packing of products.
  2. Supreme quality chemicals & ingredients are acquired from India’s trustable vendors.
  3. Sophisticated R&D team to innovate and develop formulations.
  4. Cost savings in all business activities through wastage disposal.

Medlock HealthcareMedlock Healthcare

Medlock Healthcare is a prominent name in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry that takes utmost care to fulfill the needs of its clients as well as customers. In all business endeavors, the company is making steady progress and putting in hard exertion to supply top-of-the-line pharmaceuticals at fair rates. The company presently owns more than 250 medicinal products that are precisely approved by DCGI units due to their accurate composition, longer shelf life, and high purity levels.

The specialized product range offered by Medlock Healthcare:

  1. Anti-Cough & Cold Range
  2. Ortho Range
  3. Genito Urinary Range
  4. Gynae Range
  5. Pediatric Range
  6. Multivitamins & Antioxidants
  7. Anti-Acid & Gastric Range
  8. Dental Range
  9. Derma Range
  10. Cardiac Diabetic Range

Arlak BiotechArlak Biotech

Ruling at number three in the list of Top 7 Best Pharma PCD Companies in Surat, Arlak Biotech is a notable provider of top quality pharmaceutical medicines and drugs. Arlak Biotech is a professionally operated pharmaceutical company that possesses state-of-the-art manufacturing zones and cutting-edge technology. The company has reserved its hands on the prestigious award of Best Quality Company in Pharma Franchise Award of the Year 2015.

CertificationsISO, WHO, GMP
Medicinal Brands1500+
Speciality Divisions14
Health Professionals80000+

Amzor HealthcareAmzor Healthcare

Next on the list of Top Pharma PCD Companies in Surat, we have Amzor Healthcare. The company is an eminent manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of 300+ premium quality medications in the form of capsules, syrups, tablets, injections, sachets, liquids, drops, dental, etc. The company has a prominent reputation for delivering on its promises to its stakeholders, customers, patients, workers, investors, business partners, and everyone else involved with the organization.

By choosing Amzor Healthcare, you will be enjoying the following benefits:

  1. Free of Cost Promotional Support
  2. Unique Monopoly Rights
  3. Decent & Affordable Prices of Medicines
  4. Broad Assortment of Leading Pharma Brands

Alpha DrugsAlpha Drugs

Alpha Drugs is a well-established pharma firm that has created its path in the list of Top 7 Best Pharma PCD Companies in Surat. The company formulates its products using premium quality ingredients that are obtained from the country’s most prominent suppliers. We have a professional team of quality controllers that are responsible for closely monitoring the entire ongoing business at every level, from product procurement to the final dispatch of products.

Reasons why relying on Alpha Drugs can be beneficial:

  1. The company has splendid investment plans.
  2. They deliver products with full quality assurance.
  3. From Alpha Drugs, you will get appealing business deals.

Abiba PharmaciaAbiba Pharmacia

With more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market, Abiba Pharmacia is engaged in increasing access to lifesaving healthcare solutions for patients across the world. They are motivated to improve their quality standards and their team is continually looking for new ways to do so through impeccable research and development. The complete product range delivered by Abiba Pharmacia is manufactured under WHO-cGMP compliant manufacturing facilities.

Here is the product range supplied by Abiba Pharmacia:

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Dental Range
  3. Gastro Range
  4. Pain Management Drugs
  5. Steroids
  6. Drugs for Cough & Cold
  7. Ayurvedic Range
  8. Antioxidants & Multivitamins
  9. Anti Amnesic Drugs
  10. Gynaecology Range

Biotic HealthcareBiotic Healthcare

Securely possessing its position in the list of Top Pharma PCD Companies in Surat, Biotic Healthcare is the fastest growing healthcare organization that tends to cover the global market of the pharmaceutical industry. The company deals in various rich therapeutics including Antacids, Anti-Allergic, Expectorants, Anti-Inflammatory, Antiulcerants, Antimicrobials, and much more. The Quality Control unit of Biotic Healthcare is committed to maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices for all its formulations.

  1. Liquids
  2. Tablets
  3. Sachets
  4. Softgel Capsules
  5. Injectables
  6. Capsules
  7. Dry Syrups
  8. Powders


Here, we have discussed the Top Pharma PCD Companies in Surat. You can work with any of the companies featured in this blog to fulfill your ambition of running your own pharma franchise business. However, if you desire successful business deals that not only promise guaranteed returns but also help you secure a bright future in the market, then without any double thought, collaborate with the Best PCD Pharma Company in Surat, Biocorp Life Sciences.

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