Steps Pharma Companies Taking to Tackle COVID-19

Steps Pharma Companies Taking to Tackle COVID-19 – India is recognized as one of the largest Pharmaceutical industries on the global stage. India is the largest Provider of Generic drugs and enjoys An important position in Pharmaceutical Sector across the World. Being a very large country, the need of Healthcare is an integral thing in the country and pharma being a big sector tries to meet the needs of people. This current situation is unforeseen and impacted many sectors drastically- Pharma is one of them but the Pharmaceutical sector has come up to combat Covid 19 and doing well.

There are many steps taken by the pharma sector with the help of Govt and the great minds in the industry to help fight coronavirus and win over it.

Devasted Impact of Covid-19 on Pharma Industry

As nations and organizations, the same keep on pondering the remarkable difficulties hurled by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), a particular zone of concern has been the vulnerability encompassing the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the worldwide just as Indian pharma industry gracefully chains. While Indian pharma players over a timeframe have consistently moved up the worth chain to concentrate on esteem included definitions with higher edges.

The effect Covid-19 has made in China and the lockdown in India, United States, and different nations, further builds the odds of shoot up at the expense of crude materials and medications. 13% of the brand and nonexclusive producers are based out of China and as per the FDA, starting at 2018, 24% of meds and 31% of clinical fixings were imported from India.


The expense of Paracetamol in India has gone up to Indian Rupees 400-450 for each kilogram from Rupees 250-300 for every kilogram

The cost of nutrients and penicillin have expanded by 40-50 % in India

Steps Taken By Pharma Companies To Combat Coronavirus

  • The foremost is to meet the demand of the market of healthcare whether for diagnosis or prevention from the virus. The pharma industry has come together and major players in the industry have come to the aid of society.
  • Testing kits were the need of the hour for the confirmation of the infection in an individual and these kits were imported in the country as in all world as the world was not prepared for such pandemic. But the pharma companies raised the hand to take the responsibility for making the testing kits in India itself and now we are on the verge of exporting the kits.

These companies have met the demand of the market by increasing the production hence the supply of preventive items of viruses such as masks, PPE kits, sanitizers, etc by also imparting knowledge to people on the use of these and how to take preventive measures to keep oneself away from the virus.

Other Steps Taken By Pharma Companies

The other thing which the Pharma industry has got itself into the development of Vaccines to cure COVID 19. The scientists and great minds in the industry are keeping a close eye on the developments and have few vaccine samples getting Clinical trials. Hope is there that Vaccine will soon be out and it’s is this Pharma sector which has to take all the credit and we will be able to cure the virus.

Pharma industry and the professionals involved in fighting against COVID 19 are also helping WHO and National health agencies in India and the world for recent developments and suggestive measures to help understand the nature and impact of the virus on the society and how the contamination or spread of the virus can be controlled as the people in the pharmaceutical sector are working on the ground and have deep knowledge of cause and effect.

They are also supporting small enterprises or individuals who are trying to contribute I  the fight against viruses by thinking out of the box and developing new kinds of innovative measures such as antibody test kit to check for the infection of COVID 19 in an individual.


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