Pharma Franchise for gynae range  – Gynae products are widely used in the market for the best inline products. However, it is more common among women and it is specially made for Women. Staring a Pharma Franchise for Gyane Range will be fruitful because females have to take the gynae medicine in their teens and have to take till the age of 49 – 54. Therefore, it mandatory and the demand for this has long-lasting.

Biocorp Lifescience is the leading pharma company that provides the opportunity for the Pharma Franchise for Gynae Range. However, the company provides the best services in the supplying, delivery and manufacturing of the products. In addition to this, we provide the bet inline service which is been making Biocrop Lifesciences the leading pharma franchise company in terms of providing the Gynae range.

Pharma Franchise for Gynae Range 

To get in touch with our executive for business details dial our number +91 8727991700. You can mail us also, write to us at sales.biocorp@gmail.com. We will assist you professionally.

Top Gyanae Range Pharma Franchise In India 

Biocrop Lifesciences is and ISO certified company in India. However, with own manufacturing unit which follows the internal standards and also has the WHO-GMP Certification which is been making it more known in the market. Being providing the best and top quality Gyanelcilogy pharma products. Now we’re inviting to those who are dedicated to providing the starting their own Pharma company for gynae range.

  • We are the company that has self-owned GMP and WHO manufacturing units. They are situated in excise duty-free zones of India.
  • Being providing the top-notch qualitative products we outsourcing facilities along with a partnership with many other reputed professionals of this field.
  • Quality raw material, drugs and extracts are used in making gynecological and obstetric medicines products.
  • The quality features of our company are mesmerizing.
  • The best quality control and assurance rules are followed by us.
  • With an experienced rich team, we provide our 100% in terms of manufacturing the products and all.
  • All the laboratories are all under the hygiene centers. The laboratories and units have been furnished with the latest machines, equipment, and tools.

Benefits of Being with a Gynaecology and Obstetric Products Range Franchise 

 The women healthcare centers in India are a major concern. However, the government of India is also taking the part in initiating to provide more healthcare services to women and setting up the gynaecology healthcare centers. While the rise in the average income of households has led to rising in gynecological drugs, the drug market has caught up with a good speed.

However, starting a Pharma company for the gynaecology in India, where the demand for women healthcare services is more. So commencing or joining hands with Biocorp Lifescience will be productive. As well we provide the feature which is important to scale the Pharma business. Likewise the monopoly rights and free promotional tools.

  • PCD pharma franchise for gynecology provides monopoly rights and free promotional tools. However, we at Biocorp Life Sciences assures you exclusive rights in your zone too.
  • The Biggest advantage for the gynae and obstetric products are placed in lower GST slabs. Hence, it will not increase more. The product range is genuine and affordable for all. Our main focused to solidify the consumer as well as making a good relationship with their associations Moreover, we make sure that you get the best deals on gynae franchise products in India.
  • We have a superlative range of gynecological products in India. These contain tablets, capsules, syrups, creams, etc.
  • Professional is the spirit working in association with Biocrop Life Sciences for gynae PCD pharma franchise.
  • Franchise business benefits you with good marketing plans and marketing benefits.
  • At Biocrop Life Sciences, you get a wide range of promotional tools. These include catch covers, diaries, chemist pads, brochures, visiting cards, etc.

Popular Gynae Range For Pharma Franchise Business 

  1. Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg: This medication is a soft gel used before the PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome). It helps relieve the various symptoms of PMS that occur one or two weeks before the menstrual cycle. This medically is used to helps reduce the swelling of the abdomen, reduces the breast discomfort. However, Pregnant women take this to lower the risk of high blood pressure.
  2. Evening Primrose Oil 500mg + Cod Liver Oil 300mg: The combination of evening primrose and cod liver oil is a very fruitful oil for women because it has abundant use. And, the Cod liver oil helps you to lower your cholesterol, lower the blood pressure. This combination also helps to fight diabetes.
  3. Cholecalciferol 60000 IU.12ml: Those women who have fewer vitamins especially vitamin D in their body are the ones. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient as it helps in the intestinal and gastric absorption of necessary phosphates and calcium compounds.
  4. Ondansetron 4mg/2ml: This is the injection which is been used to prevent nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.
  5. Rabeprazole 20mg: This particular injection is used to prevent ulcers and acid refluxes that occur in the body.
  6. Omeprazole 20mg Injection: This injection is one that has Proton Pump Inhibitors that helps in changing the amount of acid that is produced in the stomach. It prevents the intestines from damage caused by ulcers. It regulates the amount of acid present in the stomach and helps prevents acid reflux.
  7. Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg: this medication is used to prevent nausea and vomiting after certain medical procedures.

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