How do prescription drugs get such crazy names?

Some Basic Rules for naming the Prescription Drugs in Pharma Industry

We at Biocorp Lifesciences will let you know about the common rules which considered while naming prescription drugs. Go through thus listed rules and you will for d=-sure get the idea of naming the medicines and drugs or for more information and detailed query get in contact with us at Biocorp Lifesciences.

  • “Prefixes that imply ‘better,’ ‘newer,’ or ‘more effective;’ prefixes that evoke the name of the sponsor, dosage form, duration of action or rate of drug release should not be used.”
  • “Prefixes that refer to a medical condition or include the name of diseases are not acceptable.”
  • There are some letters or a set of words that are also not allowed at the beginning of new generic names. These include mestrx, and z.
  • It can’t be considered marketing which means that the medicine name never includes the name of the brand in it. It is highly avoidable and also superlatives or laudatory terms (best, new, fastest, strongest) that could be considered promotional so it is not acceptable and considered.
  • It avoids medical terminology which means you can use only one particular function, because in time if it is also helpful for another purpose.

Therefore, to enter the pharmaceutical market with your own drug’s name it is highly appreciable as well a compulsory to follow the mentioned rules and regulations for naming prescripted medicine and drug.

How generic drugs get their generic names

We at Biocorp Lifesciences researched not and come to know about the basic rules and regulations that how generic drugs get their generic names for trading in the pharma market. The first step in coming up with a name for a drug is selecting its generic, or non-proprietary name. According to the expert Quinlan, “Generic names came about because of the world growing smaller.” Therefore, people who were traveling abroad more frequently.  It became clear that in other countries, their products might be known by another name than back home and would not be able to be identified.

Therefore, the company names the medicines like considering the prefix and suffix in which, the suffix, is “the family name.” To clarify it we will take an example like consider Viagra, its generic name is sildenafil. The suffix, “afil,” explains the way it works. Therefore, “Afil” is also the suffix of other erectile dysfunction generics, such as tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra and Staxyn), and avanafil (Stendra). And in the case of the prefix, it has a fancy name which means it is different from other existing generic names.


We hope that you got the idea of why prescription drugs get the crazy name. The pharma boards is not only an easy task but involves various rules and regulation set up. Therefore, we at Biocorp Lifesciences have given you the fair idea to get to know the naming procedures in the Pharmaceutical industry for pharma drugs. All the rules and regulations are followed by USANC’s for approval. For more information and detailed knowledge you can get in contact with us at Biocorp Lifesciences we will give you a fair idea and will solve your all queries regarding the prefix and suffix branding of pharma products with our 24×7 availability for customer support and assistance.


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