Biocorp Lifesciences is an ISO certified company that is wholly engaged in the quality production of the products. The hand sanitizers have now become the necessity of every individual’s life. If you are also planning to shift your business venture then go for the hygiene industry as it is a very stable and progressive one. So, You don’t need to go anywhere, Biocorp Lifescience is offering you Hand Sanitizer Franchise in Chennai. Connect with us.

Hand Sanitizer Franchise in Chennai

Therefore, we bring the opportunity of Hand Sanitizer Franchise in Chennai. So to know more about the franchise opportunities you can reach us by -+91 8727990700.

The requirement of Hand Sanitizers in Chennai

After the widespread COVID-19, people have become more active and concern about hygiene care. Well, we all noticed that the demand for hand sanitizers in the market have shot during the initial stage of COVID-19 spread. That demand has changed the complete scenario of the hand sanitizer market. Similarly, Not only the national players of the hand sanitizer market but also the local players of the hand sanitizer market conquered the market due to the crisis. 

  1. Before the Hand Sanitizer market has owned by the Master players and a very little space has given to the local players.
  2. But due to the shortage of products in the market, the local players come forward to serve the needs of the customers.
  3. Every state including Chennai has a high demand rate for Hand Sanitizers.
  4. The Global Hand Sanitizer Market is relied upon to accomplish a market estimation of US $ 8.09 billion toward the year’s end 2025. 
  5. The market is required to enlist an intensified yearly development rate (CAGR) of over 2% in the following five years.

Special Characteristics of our Manufactured Hand Sanitizers 

Biocorp Lifesciences manufactured hand sanitizers in all forms such as liquid, foam, and gel. We have the availability of different ranges of hand sanitizers. Here are the special characteristics of our manufactured hand sanitizers.

An appropriate ratio of Alcohol Content – A good quality hand sanitizer contains more than 60% of alcohol content in it. The alcohol concentration should be higher to make the hand sanitizer more effective. Our hand sanitizer comprises the appropriate ratio of alcohol in it.

Diverse Bottle Packaging – We offer different kinds of bottle packaging. To make the use of hand sanitizers more convenient for you, we have flip-flopped, pump comprised hand sanitizer bottles.

Contains Moisturizing Ingredients – We used natural and organic raw ingredients for the manufacturing of our hand sanitizers. Ingredients such as Aloe vera, Vitamin E make your hands softer and reduces the rate of dryness, itching, and redness.

Chemical Free Hand Sanitizer – Our hand sanitizer does not contain any type of harmful chemicals which are dangerous for your health.

Advantages of Using Biocorp Manufactured Hand Sanitizers 

Here is the list of factors prepared for you to learn the various advantages of using a hand sanitizer. Make it your habit to carry hand sanitizer along with you to stay protected from the unwanted germs and micro-organisms.

Hygiene and Cleanliness – Hand Sanitizers are designed to clean the hands in order to eliminate all the germs and illness-causing micro-organisms that are presented in your hand.

Provides Long-lasting Effect – Hand Sanitizers are very helpful in providing long-lasting effects. Use an appropriate alcohol-based hand sanitizer to reduce the germs rate from your hands.

Reduces the rate of Illness – When an individual keeps sanitizing its hands frequently with a good quality hand sanitizer then it reduces the chances of falling ill. Because it eliminates the germs from time to time and thus helps you to stay remain healthy.

Portable – A hand sanitizer is very portable in comparison to soap and water. One can take it anywhere, he wants to. It can easily fit in your pocket, carry bag, purse, etc.

Biocorp Lifesciences – Top Hand Sanitizer Franchise in Chennai 

We are holding a strong foot in the market through quality-assured hand sanitizers. We are owning ISO and GMP-WHO certified manufacturing units that possess highly advanced and modern technology. Therefore, Our diligent team of workers is leaving no effort to bring wreaths to the company. Here are the services which we offer to our associates- 

  • Customer Support 
  • Timely Delivery 
  • Quality approved product along with certification.
  • Attractive and Long life shell packaging

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