Drug Sale Show The Times Are Bad For Mental Health

Drug Sale Show The Times Are Bad For Mental Health– Everyone’s life was going good and suddenly we got introduced with a newly launched Virus named as CoronaVirus or we can say COVID- 19. People were living normal lives before that and suddenly everything has changed. People stopped stepping outside, some started to fear going outside, some got depressed due to not going outside. The situation was totally confusing for everyone. It has led to different impressions on different people. 

Also, the pandemic time from the past more than one year, COVID -19 has ruined every industry and all the businesses. Some businesses were running smoothly and some were totally shut down. Parallely, it creates a Boom in Medical and pharmaceutical industry. Every person wants to start a medical business at that time just because that was smoothly functioning.

Due to Coronavirus, Many people faced different types of losses. Some lost their business, some lost their loved ones and many other reasons for loss. Everyone has lost their Social life due to COVID- 19. Due to these loss factors many people started facing anxiety issues, depression issues, phobia issues and many neurological problems against their health.  Automatically this has created an increase in the sale of antidepressants, antipsychotics, tranquilizers, anti- migraine medicines by 30%. Sales of top 5 anti- depression, antipsychotics, tranquilizers, anti- migraine medicines in dec 2019 was 180 crores and Dec 2020 it is raised to 220 crores. This is not normal behaviour of people. People were rushing towards psychiatrists and Neurologists to get their treatment done. 

Drug Sale Show The Times Are Bad For Mental Health

Drug Sale Show The Times Are Bad For Mental Health

After a survey, it becomes clear that Pandemic has made everyone’s life difficult. Some people are those who faced Corona virus and some get these multiple issues in them and fall into these cases. The people who consult doctors belong to High society people who can afford doctors and therapists. Nobody directs those who belong to slums and who can’t afford costly doctors. Here the Government was announcing Lock down and people started getting higher levels of phobia and anxiety issues due to Rumors that are spread widely throughout India regarding coronavirus lockdown and restrictions to be followed and many other false news in the society. 

Talking about medicines, as we know the medicinal sales have increased by 30% in one year describe how people were dealing with the situation of mental issues which totally disturbs their mental health. People consuming medicines for Psychiatric issues are getting addicted to those medicines and thus, the sale is continuously increasing for these medicines. As the second wave was introduced, medicine sales increased by 10% and more people started to ruin their mental health thinking about the future that one more time we have to get packed in our houses like prison.

“The time is bad for mental health” defines that there is 60% of the population that is facing mental issues and are suffering from depression, anxiety, migraine, Phobia and disturbance of mind and many more severe issues. Many people lost their lives due to mental issues, people were committing suicides just because they had lost their senses and were unaware what they were doing. Many relationships and lives are affected due to these activities of people suffering from disorders due to Coronavirus. The time is bad that people are facing mental illness and health issues which is clearly shown by the sales of drugs based on antidepressants, antipsychotics, tranquilizers, anti- migraine medicines these days.

One good way of overcoming these issues is meditation. Meditation brings out peace in the person. It relaxes the mind and nervous system and lets people make decisions calmly. Yoga is also a good option to overcome these situations and relax the body, mind and soul of the person. 

Just because COVID- 19 is a pandemic situation, we can not predict when it could go to an end. But we can fight with Coronavirus in the best way. Also, we can predict our health that we would not let COVID- 19 situations bother us and we will stay stress free, calm and relaxed with body, mind and soul in our best possible way.


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