The drug price control order (DPCO) is an order issued by the government under the “Essential Commodities Act” which enables it to fix the prices of some essential bulk drugs and their formulations. Basically, it is promoting the rational use of drugs in the country and helps in enhancing cost-effective production with economic sizes. The main objective of this act is to ensure the availability of essential and life-saving and prophylactic medicine of good quality at reasonable prices. Drug Price Control Order Act is used to make sure that the essential drug’s price should be in control. It helps in strengthening the indigenous capability for the production of drugs.

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What is the “Drugs (Prices Control) Order (DPCO)”?

The Drugs Prices Control Order act was issued by the Indian Government under Sec. 3 of the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 to regulate the prices of drugs. Drugs are essential for the health of the society so that it has been declared as Essential and accordingly put under the Essential Commodities Act. It provides the list of :

  • Price controlled drugs
  • Procedures for fixation of prices of drugs
  • Method of implementation of prices fixed by Govt.
  • Penalties for contravention of provisions etc.

What are the Objectives of the Drug Policy or DPCO Act?

The DPCO act is established As per the Modifications in Drug Policy in 1986 announced in September 1994, the main objectives of the Drug Policy are is to strengthing the system quality control along with the reasonable prices of medicines. Other than this listed are the top-notch main objectives of the Drug Policy are as under:

  • Ensuring abundant availability, at reasonable prices of essential and life-saving medicines.
  • To ensure that medicines and drugs are of good and top-notch quality and will be delivered with quality packaging.
  • Strengthening the system of quality control over drug production so that it will enhance as well as promote the use of drugs in the country.
  • This act main objective of the act is to create an environment conducive to channelizing new investment into the pharmaceutical industry.
  • In the view of encouraging cost-effective production with economic sizes, this act promotes it.
  • It helps in introducing new technologies and new drugs as well.
  • DPCO act helps in strengthening the indigenous capability for the production of drugs.

Why the DPCO Act is important in the Pharmaceutical Industry in the world?

The DPCO act is made to make the availability of affordable drugs in the market for different kinds of customers. The selling of relevant drugs in the market at affordable prices is important to grab the Indian pharmaceutical Industries. As if we take the case of India people buy the medicines which are prescribed by the doctor and often go with the drugs that are available in the same salt at cheaper prices. So, the prescription matters but if the same salt is available then it is easy for all the customers to buy the medicines under the proper regulation act. So, to control this government came with the Drug price control act which states that medicines are available at cheap rates.

Mandatory Information that to be Printed on the Label of the Medicine Pack Under the DPCO Act 2013

The following information is most important and essential that must be printer on the medicine pack on its label of medicine under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and DPCO, 2013. All companies have a compulsion to follow the listed points while formulating the medicines followed by DPCO Act.

  • Name of the formulation
  • Composition of medicines
  • Pack Size of drugs
  • Address of the manufacturer in detail
  • Manufacturing License Number on medicines pack
  • Date of manufacturing on a pack of medicines
  • Expiry Date of drug
  • Maximum Retail Price (inclusive of all taxes) etc.

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