Could Donated Plasma Help People Heal From COVID-19?

Could Donated Plasma Help People Heal From COVID-19? – The outbreak of Coronavirus in China has widely spread all over the world. It is also known as COVID-19. The COVID-19 is caused by an infection with the new Coronavirus, sars-CoV-2, which is one of the multiple coronaviruses that can be transferred to humans. This pandemic has shaken the whole pharmaceutical industry and other medical care facilities. Millions of people are suffering from this incurable diseases. More than 250,000 + people have been died from this fatal disease until now. This harmful virus is spreading at a faster pace all over in the world.

Limited testing and no vaccine are the major reasons for failure fighting against the COVID-19. Experts and medical scholars from all over the world are ascertaining the vaccine for it. The deadly Coronavirus has failed many scientists and doctors in traversing drugs, vaccines, and other curable treatments to fight COVID-19. Well, in such a crucial time, one such treatment is known as Plasma Therapy has shown some positive results to fight against the COVID-19.

Could Donated Plasma Help People Heal From COVID-19?Convalescent Plasma Therapy is an experimental procedure for curing COVID-19 patients. 

  • Several states like Kerala, Gujarat, and Punjab have already started to use plasma therapy for COVID-19 patients.
  • Curently, the plasma theraphy is just an experimental procedure. It is difficult to comment that whether this treatment will work on all the COVID-19 infected patients or not. 
  • The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has instructed all the states to start clinical trials of plasma therapy.
  • Near about 100 medical institutes have fortified their concern to analyze how safe and efficient plasma therapy in curing COVID-19 patients.
  • The whole medical industry is looking forward to getting success from this therapy. Till the final results came out, no can say whether plasma therapy can cure COVID-19 patients or not. If it gets success then it will be approved  by the authorities for wider use.

Chronicle of the Plasma Therapy

The Plasma Therapy was first used in 1890, it was discovered by the German Physiologist Emil Von Behring. In 2014, this therapy was recommended by the World Health Organization to treat Ebola Virus disease. The virus was transferred to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission. This therapy was further used by the doctors during the time of the Spanish Flu Pandemic. 

What is Plasma Therapy?

Could Donated Plasma Help People Heal From COVID-19?Convalescent Plasma Therapy is an experimental procedure to cure COVID-19 infected patients. In this treatment of Plasma Therapy, the plasma from a COVID-19 recovered patient is injected into the patient who is suffering from the Coronavirus and in a critical situation. To considered a patient as a possible donor, the patient must be completely recovered from this pandemic for two weeks. Otherwise, the patient is not eligible to donate plasma. The plasma transmissions are still in the experimental stages to treat Coronavirus infected patients and get rid of this pandemic.

How the Plasma Therapy Works on COVID-19 Infected Patient?

Could Donated Plasma Help People Heal From COVID-19?The main concept behind this plasma therapy is that the immunity of a healthy person can be transferred into a sick patient ( patient who is suffering from coronavirus) by using the Convalescent Plasma. Plasma Therapy uses antibodies from the recovered coronavirus patient’s blood to cure another critical patient’s life. The recovered COVID-19 patient’s blood has developed strong and effective antibodies to fight against the COVID-19. When the strong antibodies contain blood infused to the critical patient body, with the help of these antibodies the body starts attacking against the coronavirus.

How is Plasma Collected From the Body?

Could Donated Plasma Help People Heal From COVID-19?

Plasmapheresis is a procedure by which plasma is collected from the body. It is often used to collect plasma from the plasma donors. It is considered as the safest and effective method to collect plasma. This process takes about an hour to complete. The blood is taken from a vein in your arm with the help of a needle.

It is just like a normal procedure of blood donation. The blood travels through a tube into a special machine that classifies the solid and liquid parts of your blood into separate parts. The gathered plasma goes into a collecting bag, while the rest of your blood — the solid part — is returned through the same needle to you, the plasma donor. The plasma which is donated by a recovered person can use to cure two COVID-19 infected people.

Could Donated Plasma Help People Heal From COVID-19?At this crucial time when the whole world is suffering from this fatal disease, we all can just pray and fight with this virus just by staying at home. Avoid mass gatherings and do social distancing. Opt all the safety measures as prevention to stay safe and shield your loved ones. Stay at home for the one’s who are battling with pandemic without thinking about their families.

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