May 7, 2020

What is Medical Representative – Role and Responsibilities

What is Medical Representative – Role and Responsibilities – The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest and largest emerging business industries in the world. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is also rising with a splendid growth rate and is assumed to reach $100 billion by the year 2025. In terms of size, the Indian Pharmaceutical industry is counted among the sixth-largest pharmaceutical market across the globe. The increasing demand for medications and better healthcare amenities has boosted the growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry. The pharma sector is not only developing with a commendable growth but also creating many business opportunities […]
March 23, 2020

Pharma PCD Franchise for Anti-fungal Range

Pharma PCD Franchise for Anti-fungal Range – The Pharma PCD franchise business has spreading its roots in the industry. The great demand for Anti-fungal range medicines in the derma sector has given a hike to all the manufacturer and franchise company. Biocorp lifesciences is a reliable name in the industry for Pharma PCD Franchise for Anti-fungal Range.  You dont need to look for the opportunity because opportunity itself is knocking your doors and inviting you from this fruiful PCD Franchise business. We are glad to inform that we are providing this Franchise opportunity to all the entrepreneurs, pharma distributors, retailers, suppliers, […]
March 18, 2020

Antiseptic Products Franchise

Antiseptic Products Franchise – Antiseptic is a type of chemical agent which is basically used to dry up the body and decrease the growth of the micro-organisms on the external surface of the body and also it helps to prevent the infections in the human body. While the demand for this in the market is huge as well increasing due to Corona Virus, the supply for these products is not fulfilling its demand generally. However, We at Biocorp Lifescience providing the opportunity of PCD for the Antiseptic Products Franchise in all around the PAN India.
February 27, 2020

Pharma Franchise for Gynae Range 

Pharma Franchise for gynae range  – Gynae products are widely used in the market for the best inline products. However, it is more common among women and it is specially made for Women. Staring a Pharma Franchise for Gyane Range will be fruitful because females have to take the gynae medicine in their teens and have to take till the age of 49 – 54. Therefore, it mandatory and the demand for this has long-lasting.
February 25, 2020

Antipyretic Product Franchise

Antipyretic Product Franchise- A good Antipyretic medicine is that which effectively reduces the fever. Frequently Changing weather cause many health allergies like cough, fever, running nose, etc. It also can be the symptoms of acute injection. So the patients are advised to consume safe and prescribed medicines. As the demand for anti-fever medicines is increasing and to make delivery of huge demand opening Antipyretic Product Franchise is a great business opportunity. This is such a great business exposure and good way for filling the requirements of the medicine in the vacant areas. For the safe medicines always trust the reliable […]
February 21, 2020

Anti Inflammatory Products Franchise

Anti Inflammatory Products Franchise – In the pharmaceutical sector there are a number of pharma companies exist which deal in various medicine segments and offer business dealings. For the quality range, Biocorp Lifescience’s name is always on top. Our company offers a wide range of medicines, among all segments, Anti Inflammatory products have great market and demand. For making the reach of our medicines at every corner we offer Franchise dealings. For now,  we exclusively offering our Anti Inflammatory Products Franchise business opportunities. This is such a great dealing for pharma professionals and career seekers.
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