January 21, 2019

Be Pharma Franchise Distributor in India and Learn How?

Post Views: 847 As we all know, the Pharma industry is growing at a rapid rate with very wide importance across the world. The pharma franchise distributor model is also spreading like a fire with the huge wholesaler links as well as networks. So, this entire distribution deals with the process of purchasing medicines from the major suppliers or the direct manufacturers. Stores in the warehouse so can distribute to the different pharmacies as per their needs. In general, Pharma industry ranks 4th in volume as well as 13th in value in the pharmaceutical market globally with $ 2.6 billion […]
January 14, 2019

Impact of GST on Pharma industry

Post Views: 731 The Indian pharmaceutical industry has already faced so many setbacks in the previous years. So mainly people know about Impact of GST on Pharma industry. It bounced really well to a nearly double-digit year growth in 2018 i.e. recorded 9.4%. In this size of this pharma industry was recorded Rupees 1.29 trillion last year. India continued to be the major exporter of generic drugs all over the globe. It is pushing its production in countries like Russia, the US as well as the UK. Accelerating its exposure to Japan, China, Canada, Brazil as well as Germany. India […]
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