DyoMef – Mefenamic Acid and Dicyclomine HCL Tablets

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DyoMef Tablets

Mefenamic Acid and Dicyclomine HCL Tablets

Biocorp Life Sciences offers DyoMef Tablets which contain two high-grade ingredients – Mefenamic acid and Dicyclomine hydrochloride. This non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication works as an analgesic & antispasmodic medicine. It is mainly used to treat soreness associated with menstrual aches, muscle seizures, spasms or cramps in the gastrointestinal and intestinal hypermotility.

In this combination of ingredients, Mefenamic acid mainly helps to cure short-term & mild to moderate painful conditions due to different reasons. These reasons include arthritis, heavy bleeding during menstrual periods or pain due to some surgical operations. This nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drug is helpful in reducing pain & blood loss during the menstrual period. It blocks the effect of COX (knows as cyclo-oxygenase) enzymes to reduce pain due to an injury or damage.

However, the other ingredient, Dicyclomine Hydrochloride (also called anticholinergic antispasmodic medication) helps in curing a certain kind of intestinal problem which is known as irritable bowel syndrome. The other conditions where it can be effectively used for better treatment include peptic ulcer, diverticulitis, colitis, regional enteritis, etc.

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