JOINTOX – Herbal Massage Oil

JOINTOX – Herbal Massage Oil


Herbal Massage Oil

Biocorp Life Sciences offers JOINTOX orthopaedic oil (Herbal Massage Oil) comes with herbal ingredients such as Ajvain, Methi, Rasont, Sendha Namak, Danhaldi, Kapoor, Til oil, Gandapura, and others. It is a herbal massage oil for external massage purpose only. Health specialists recommended this oil in curing any kind of muscular pain related to legs, muscles, shoulders, stiff neck, low back, and joints.

JOINTOX orthopaedic oil is an effective blend of filtered essential oil of natural ingredients, which is totally safe to apply on skin and has no side effects. This painkiller massage oil works by warming up the muscles, improving the blood circulation and also offers an energy boost. It has long-lasting effects in curing muscular pain conditions. The herbal ingredients of this oil quickly penetrate into the human body’s tissues and assists in the obstructing the inflammation triggering molecules.

We recommend you to apply the amount of this oil as prescribed by your physician. You can store this JOINTOX orthopaedic oil in a cool, dark & dry place. Keep this oil out of reach of children. Also, protect this herbal oil from direct sunlight & moisture.

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